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Healing Services


Reiki is a Japanese word meaning "Universal Life Energy".

It is the force that flows through everything in the universe-our essence, Breath of Life, Force for healing. It is important to note that Reiki is not connected to any particular religion and contains no doctrine or dogma.

Gina is a Reiki Master under the Usui Shiki Ryoho System and when she channels Reiki, it will bring healing to the recipient where and in the way that it is most needed. Reiki can only do good, never harm and will offer only what each individual requires. It is nature's greatest cure, which requires no drugs. It helps in all respects, human and animal life.

Jyorei/Light Transering

Jyorei is a simple yet profound healing art in which Divine Spiritual Light is focused on others for a period of five minutes or more, no physical contact occurs.

The power of Jyorei comes through most strongly when participants are relaxed, open for receiving divine blessings, and grateful for their life experiencses, some of which may continue to be challenging and difficult.

Jyorei is a means of cleansing our spiritual energy so that we may be more receptive to personal transformation within ourselves, as well as for th benefit of others. The word 'Jyorei' means 'Purification of the spirit'. Jyorei is passed only in person, and no money exchanged.

Gina was initiated through Shumei Pasadena.

Animal Reiki

When Gina sends Reiki to an animal or during a hands on session, she always receives intuitive information from the animal during treatment. This information may be helpful to their human companions in their understanding of what the animal is going through. In this case, it is good to share the information with them. It can provide comfort and clarity to the humans, which in turn brings stress relief to their animals. She has seen the worst case scenario get better when there was no hope and she has known Reiki to give comfort and love if it is their time to pass. It is still under God's authority the destiny of the animal she is treating. But with Reiki it is all God's love and healing light coming through and Animals are very receptive because they hold the energy as they know

it is coming from their creator.

Follow the Light with Gina