Psychic/ Medium Readings

Gina is a Pyschic/Medium which means she is able to communicate with loved ones that have passed on to the spirit realm. She is able to help you understand what it is they are wanting to communicate with you about. During a reading she is connecting into the Angelic Realm, where ArchAngel Michael is clearly her guide. She has been initiated in The Order Of Michael. She will also call in other ArchAngels as they all have different missions. In a reading she will use her ArchAngel Michael oracle cards and other Tarot decks. She also is clairaudient which means she can hear ArchAngel Michael talking as if they were on a phone call. She has visions at the same time all this is going on. She connects to the spirit world in more than one way. She herself has many guides that will also bring in the person she is reading for's guides, relatives and Guardian Angel.

As she herself has been on the other side of the reading table she understands her clients concerns and fears that they may bring to a reading. All that she asks is that you come with an open mind and heart and knowing that God directs your path to who and what you need at that time in your life whether it be for healing,clarity,or guidance.

If it is meant to be you will have the Angels working for you to meet Gina at the special point in your life. The Spirit world is always at work for everyone's highest good.

Psychic Services

Follow the Light with Gina